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Thread: mandrake linux kernel source

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    Re:mandrake linux kernel source

    Have you yet tried with the initial pcmcia floppy? Going thru the bootup process as far as bringing up the network? If that works, I guess you could reinstall from scratch but that's a suck-ass solution.
    Other than that, I don't know what to tell you
    Thinking back to when I finally got a NIC for my laptop, I had to install linux via FTP, since my laptop has no cdrom - so I basically forced it to use the pcmcia card right from the get go, using the pcmcia boot floppy.
    I really don't have any more experience with pcmcia other than that and what I've read on newsgroups and mailing lists - and I think I've exhausted any knowledge I've gained from those, so I don't know how much more help I can give you.

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    Re:mandrake linux kernel source

    I thank you again for help in this area as I delve deaper into the abyss ill keep you posted as to what happens if i get it up and running. thanks for taking time to help again.

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    Spot, youll be happy to know (at least I am that i am posting this from my linux partition with my card being properly recognized. I had to go into /etc/sysconfig/ and edit the pcmcia file. it was set like this when i got there:

    of course that is wrong so i add the following params:

    I then restarted the pcmcia service via /sbin/service pcmcia restart
    ...and viola, the card started right up. i was then able to configure the rest from netconf. thanks again for all your help. couldnt have done it without you. ;D

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    Re:mandrake linux kernel source


    [me=Spot]starts picking his hair up off the floor and goes looking for the glue...[/me]

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    Re:mandrake linux kernel source


    [me=alastair]bows down to Spot and his wonderfull skills in networking[/me]

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