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Thread: installation problems

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    Guest installation problems

    I have no idea what this means or how to correct the problem any one have suggestions?
    Using rawrite3 (floppy)to load cd rom it errors out while detecting network devices ( no modems or nic cards are installed)

    I get this:
    Bad pmd in pte_alloc: 00000e7
    Trying to vfree() bad address ( ffffffff)
    Kernal panic: Failed to allocate buffer hash table

    In swapper task - not syncing

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    Guest installation problems

    OK, you created a boot floppy with rawrite3 and when booting from it you see the error message?

    The error is a kernel panic. What Distribution and Version of Linux are you using? What cpu do you have? You might just post a list of your hadrware.

    Jim H

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