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Thread: Suse 7.3 Installation

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    Suse 7.3 Installation

    I am interested in Installing Suse 7.3 I have cable so downloading anything isn't a problem and I'm not going to pay for it. I got up to the part where I write the files to the a disk, i had to write an i386 using rawrite and a modules2 (which contained the network card drivers) I got into instllation but when I loaded the network modules, my card wasn't on there! I was hoping to download from the FTP like Suse said but due to no network card modules (NetGear 311 or something) Is there a way to get my network cards modules on there? Also I was hoping they had an ISO version of their software, which they don't so what is the next best thing? I see what looks like it could be put on a cd (/ but That doesn't seem to work. Is there some easy to read installation guide for someone currently using windows/redhat because I would really like to try Suse, thank ya.

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    Re:Suse 7.3 Installation

    It won't list your NIC probably, but the module for the chipset on the card. Do you know what chipset is on your NIC?

    SUSE ftp installation instructions.

    Jim H

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    Re:Suse 7.3 Installation

    Have you tried the option to automatically choose all the necessary modules? When I dabbled with ftp installation, I just chose automatic selection (out of lazines and to see what would happen). Found my NIC with no prob.

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