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Thread: Suse 7.3 Downloads

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    Suse 7.3 Downloads

    I want to go and download Suse 7.3, now RedHat has nice and neat ISO's which was a big help but all I see for Suse is a folder with what i'm sure is the cd and all its contents out and about. Am I just suppose to download the folder containing these files and write them to a cd and if so is there only one? Cause thats all I can find. Thanks again for you help. One last question, does Suse support RPM's?

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    Re:Suse 7.3 Downloads

    SUSE does not provide ISO's images for download. If you do not buy a copy of SUSE the only way to install it is by doing an FTP install. Yes, SUSE does use rpm.

    <-- SUSE README.iso-images -->
    SuSE Linux AG is one of the leading providers of Open Source software
    worldwide: this forms the backdrop to the reason why we, too, have
    committed ourselves to the support and further development of the Open-Source

    SuSE Linux AG, with over 100 full time developers, is making a substantial
    contribution to the further development of the Linux Open Source operating
    system and its related programs. We are one of the main driving forces in
    the fields of development of the kernel, KDE, XFree86, compiler, ALSA, USB
    and multiple-platforms, and we are in addition supporting the
    internationalization of the Linux project.

    In our SuSE Linux Open Source operating system we bring together a wide
    range of freely available programs, applications and tools. This is our
    carefully assembled product, which we provide and distribute for 6
    platforms (Intel/AMD, IA64, PPC, AXP, S/390 and Sparc).

    Above all we strive to ensure the high quality of SuSE Linux, and that it
    is as up-to-date as possible. In addition we want to guarantee the constant
    high quality of our documentation and our support, in the interest of all

    In order to be able to maintain this service in the future, as well as
    meeting the accompanying wishes of our customers, we are dependent on
    sales of our products and services, and must ensure that an adequate cost
    structure exists within our company.

    For the purposes of testing and evaluation, we have made a great effort to
    provide a variation of SuSE Linux which does not have to be installed,
    and which makes it extremely easy to try out SuSE Linux or examine its
    hardware requirements.

    With our SuSE Linux FTP version (SuSE Linux Professional, excluding
    commercial program packages, which we are not allowed to offer on their
    own for download) we provide a free service for all those who wish to install
    SuSE Linux via FTP.

    We are currently providing ISO images for download for all
    non-Intel/AMD/PPC platforms (IA64, AXP, S/390 and Sparc), since these products
    cannot be made available everywhere, worldwide and at the accustomed speed.

    Of course we would be pleased to present you and your company with our
    complete range of services; you can request our product catalog at any
    time, free of charge and without obligation.

    Your SuSE Linux Team!
    <-- end -->

    Jim H

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