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    Palm OS

    Just wanted to pass this information along. I have been developing on PalmOS for the last two years and have used almost every tool out there to develop with. Most people don't wanted bloated software for their Palm devices. I found the following after installing apps from C, NSBasic, and Java on a Palm device.

    Java has a runtime file that is 585K in size.
    NSBasic has a runtime file that is 80K in size.
    C/C++ has no runtime file.

    The typical application is about 48K in size. If you make the app in C/C++ it will remain 48K. For Java or NSBasic you would have to add the runtime size to the file size. That's pretty big for such small devices.

    I thought I had it all after setting up JBuilder on a Windows box and Linux box and then adding Micro Edition. Bot was I wrong. I guess it's back to C/C++ for me.


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    Re:Palm OS

    I would really like to go back to C++ but looking at the KDE source code made me piss my pants....Especially since that is what I want to do, program a visual environment...but I am not having much luck...keep trying wxPython for python, but the documentation is nill on it...and Code isn't burned into my skull to the point that I can just intuit it all...can only do some...

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    Re:Palm OS

    Looking at C++ or C source code can really get to you.

    I think I'm going to start using Pocket C on a Jornada 820 just to get use to coding in C again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have gotten most of it back.


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