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Thread: OSS problems

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    OSS problems

    I have been struggling with this for a while now and i reckon there may be no solution for my setup.

    I am trying to use xine 0.9.8. I have it installed and the images from a dvd are top drawer. It is the sound thst is a problem. I have tried it both on 2.4.2-2 abd 2.4.7-10 (RH7.1 and 7.2)

    I have oss installed (paid for version). It sounds crap with xine, i have tried ESD with xine -A ESD. This sounds great but looks dubbed.

    I have contacted the xine mailing list and apparently for better audio/visual sync i should use OSS. This is my catch 22.

    I thought about installing ALSA but it doesn't support my sound card (VIA Technologies AC 97 - on board). When i play xmms or Ogle the sound is fine, only with xine does it mess up.

    When i get home tonight i can mail some output from xine, it seems to be trying to re-compensate all the time and i think i may have a problem with the 2 channel output.

    I have been talking about this for some time (apologies if its getting boring), but you can imagine my frustration.

    There must be some way of getting it to work, my system is Celeron 850, 256MB RAM, Nvidia GeForce2 MX PCI, RH7.2, AC97 onboard sound, xine 0.9.8, i am using the d5d option to play dvd's.

    Does anyone else have a vis AC97 playing fine with xine? It would be good to swap output or something.

    Thanks for bearing with me

    Bogler 8)

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    Re:OSS problems

    Does anyone else have a vis AC97 playing fine with xine? It would be good to swap output or something.
    I have the onboard AC97 on my mobo, running Mandrake 8.1 with the stock drake OSS stuff installed. I'm using Xine v0.9.7 without any problems. Are you able to play mpeg video or avi video without any problems? I don't have DVD here, so I can't really do a side by side test with you unless it's using a different format.
    Reach me on IRC if you want to try it.

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    Re:OSS problems

    Hi Spot

    I'll talk to you over the weekend on irc..

    I'll get some output files together in the meantime


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