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Thread: Favorite Beer

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    guiness is a god damn meal, only drink it if you want to skip dinner ;D

    i regards to favorites, i have to go with a nice fresh, ice cold Corona with a lime. mmmmmm i wish i had one now

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    He not much of a real beer drinker I like the Malt bevrages(not zima yuck)
    Smirnoff Ice (oh look I'm drinking one now)
    Bacardi Silver
    And the occasional Corona with lime is good too ;D

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    I'll settle for a smirnoff ice anytime... if it's not that or rev, I'll take hard liquor, thank you. Preferably Crown Royal.

    Even when I'm wasted I won't touch beer. :P

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    OI, college requires that i drink too much light beer, BLAH!!

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    My own GPL beer :P
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    Quote Originally Posted by babbing
    OI, college requires that i drink too much light beer, BLAH!!
    geez...why not just piss into the glass and save yourself a step?

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    Hurray! First post.

    I like most anything on tap. Black and tan on occasion is refreshing.

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    Re:Favorite Beer

    If I'm drinking on a friend's tab:

    New Knoxville XXL Pale Ale
    Dos Equis XX
    Double Tanqueray and Tonic

    If I'm on my tab (College Student Lunch):

    Meiser Brau ($2.19 a sixer! Best deal in America, aside from 40oz.)
    Natural Light

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    Re:Favorite Beer


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    Re:Favorite Beer

    Another Guinness drinker here :P

    Oh, and I like Theakston's Best when I can get my grubby mitts on the stuff


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