Hi all,

I have read some of the posts concerning which distro to select and have a couple of questions. I'm experimenting with Linux at home building a file and email server for a new small business. Need some advice for my application.

Which Linux to choose? Redhat, Mandrake, FreeBSD or something else.

Within each Distro is there a version that works best as a server? Redhat has pro, Mandrake has corporate edition, etc.

Which email server to go with? Sendmail, Qmail, etc.

Anything I am missing?

Since I am just experimenting at this point I don't want to buy the retail versions of anything.

Being new at this I would like something thats fairly easy to install and user friendly. I did download Redhat 7.2 and installed it to a certain point. Found it fairly easy and user friendly. (I was able to get internet access and configure a network printer)

Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.