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    Does anybody know how to set up a hardware raid system on SuSe 7.1 Pro. Im on a Abit B6-R, 1Ghz 786M @ 133, 2 X 20G IBM HD & 1 30G WD drive.

    Im useing the system to due boot, Win 98 can see the striped disk... but linux dosent... From what I read, if you set up a hardware based Raid, OS "X" would see it as a regualr HD... any Idea's...


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    Re: IDE-RAID

    Suse 7.1 does not support raid on the motherboard. They have a small list of raid cards that they support, but yours is not one of them. To get your installation to work, you will have to goto the BIOS and disable the raid controller on your motherboard, then it should work just fine. ;D

    Here is the url to see the hardware database for SuSE

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