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Thread: SuSE7.2 Just me?

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    SuSE7.2 Just me?

    This is not a problem,not yet anyway.When I shutdown or reboot the screen that shows stuff being shutdown and unmounted I notice KDM fails to shutdown.Does not cause problems so I ignore it.Was wondering if any SuSE7.2 users have the same thing happen to them?Tried reinstalling several times to no avail.

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    Re: SuSE7.2 Just me?

    I was thumbing thru the Suse website the other day, and saw a notice that they are aware of this message. They say the message is erroneous - everything is working fine and shuting down fine - it just gives an incorrect message. They're working on a fix.

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    Re: SuSE7.2 Just me?

    Yea,I stumbled on that just the other day.Apparently this glitch has been around awhile.Thank You Cactus for your reply.


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