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Thread: KDE 2.2

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    Re: KDE 2.2

    Hi malexg,So you got working right?What commands did you enter?I have to restart my sound server every dang time I start SuSE.

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    Re: KDE 2.2

    Ah Ha!Fixed it!when SuSE installs,emu10k1 is not installed by default even though I have a SB Live Platinum.I was adding some packages the other day and caught it in a huge list of add ons.So I reinstall the sound card with the driver reboot and behold,for once I don't have to mess with the soundserver to get it running.Cool!Funny thing,Yast lists the card as"SB Live emu10k1" though the driver is not installed.Quess there is a generic brand x driver installed.


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