I'm just starting out with linux. I am running Suse 7.2 personal

How can I install new software such that it is accessible by all users
from any directory?

For instance anyone can type "perl foo" from any directory and run

I would also like to do some development on my linux box. I would
like to set up a "classpath" variable
such that linux will first check for classes, compiled files in
whatever directory the user is currently
in and then go to a central directory that would server as a "code

Is there a config file somewhere where I can create and set such a
variable once and have it be global to everyone, everywhere?


Feel free to ROTFM me, but please recommend a good book. All of the
comprehensive linux books I have seen tend to be several versions
behind of what is out there. Does basic, non desktop linux change
that fast? I've noticed some directory/file structure differences
between the distros

Thanks in advance