I don't mind starting this area, it is of a major concern to me. What is going to happen? How many schools use Novell / Windows out there and what are you going to do with the recent changes?

A little background first : I teach Tech Prep - ISS in Ohio / USA.

It contains Programming - HTML, JAVA, VB.net, C / C++; CAD / 3D Studio ( MAX 4.2 ); basic web design; basic electronics / electricity - into PLC; A+ cert primer; networking basics.

It became needed to set-up the network in my lab because the tech coordinator was tring to install Novell and take over the lab. I need my students to maintain ( and screw up the systems so they can fix them ) the lab themselves. I felt Linux to be the answer there partly because of all the licensing issues with MS. Suse was in big with AMD and that seemed like a stable type of connection.

My few problems are having a CAD and MAX software set that is industry standard compatible for instruction.

We set up our NAT, DNS, Web server and such and are working on mail, samba, and MRTG. ( come visit us, just starting the page so very little contect as yet www.engrtp.com and soon www.scjvs.com will be moved in on virtual server - both are active now )

I find Linux to be rather exciting in that I am able to do things on the machine. Windows has taken over too much and there is no room to experiment or build. I like the power in the CLI and that I stand less of a chance crashing Linux than I do MS.

This begins it for me, What say you all?