..is growing on me. After using it for a while, I realize how user-friendly SuSE 7.3 really is. Also, I was able to successfully do an ftp install, although I couldn't for the life of me add a network source for packages, which made updating/installing packages a hassle. I changed back to DVD install (yeah, i guess the first failed attempt was a fluke) since I just wanted to see if ftp install was even possible.

To retort my previous post (i'm such a quick judge), here are a couple of things that made SuSE cool in my opinion:

- installing/updating nvidia drivers is actually easy. due to my impatience, i did not wait for the official suse versions to come out. i fired up online update yesterday and there they were. after a quick install and reboot, they were installed fine. Although you still have to change the XF86config file manually.

- never got it to work properly in mandrake, but printing in suse works perfectly. automatic printer detection detected my printer flawlessly, as well as printing itself!

- a small thing, but "post support query" is a nice thing. i've heard mixed things about this tool, but the suse support got back to me in 2 days when i had a question (w/c in my opinion is pretty good)

Although i still think that they should provide iso images (the ftp install is possible, so why not make it easier for people?), i understand the need for companies such as Suse to make money. And since they contribute to projects like KDE, paying them for the cds doesn't seem to bad.

So there, Suse is cool