I'm a window user who decided to give linux a try.
I installed Red Hat 7.1 on my machine a week ago.

I am very impressed.

My only problem is with the default fonts. They look terrible and in
several applications they make the text very hard to read, particularly in

I managed to get some true type fonts installed to the point where the
fonts are listed as options in the menus of various applications.

Its a slight improvement, but the fonts look like they were written with a
leaky pen.

I have been trying to get help on the internet but it has been very

Many documents are out of date, use abbreviations without explanations,
and assume the reader has a conceptual understanding of the internal
operations of linux.

For example, in several places I was told to check a file called
"XF86Config(-4)", but I have no file with a name spelled like that on my

If anyone can answer that, clue me in on other things I need to try to get
decent fonts, and explain it in a way that someone who doesn't already
know how to solve the problem can understand the explanation I would be

I am running Red Hat 7.1, KDE 2.1.1, xserver 4003.