This fell into my inbox this morning I thought it might be of interest for those running RedHat 7.1.9x or newer.

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New Evolution 0.15.99 + MrProject 0.4.90 RPM Packages for RHL 7.1.9x+
From: David Sainty <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 16:58:55 +0100


A new Evolution + MrProject RPM package set is available for Red Hat Linux 7.1.9x (Roswell) and newer.


Excerpt from README:

Here you will find a collection of RPMs (and corresponding SRPMs) that when installed, allow Evolution 0.15 and MrProject 0.4 to work successfully and cleanly on a Red Hat Linux 7.1.9x or newer system.

ALL RPM packages present here should be installed / upgraded in order for Evolution (or MrProject) to work correctly, otherwise you will receive dependency errors.

These packages are designed to bring these fantastic new applications to Red Hat Linux, and I plan on updating these packages as appropriate.
Feedback and comments appreciated.


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Make sure you read the README file if you want to try these.