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Thread: RedHat 7.2 has arrived!

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    RedHat 7.2 has arrived!

    Well, RedHat 7.2 has been officially released. Along with a few updates. I'm glad I was able to buy it already and don't have to fight the mad rush to download it. :-)

    Jim H

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    Re: RedHat 7.2 has arrived!

    Well I am more concerned with 6.0 now, I'll upgrade later! LOL

    What are supposed to be the major enhancements? I am thinking I am just going to stick with 7.0 maybe, or even lower...??

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: RedHat 7.2 has arrived!

    What are supposed to be the major enhancements? I am thinking I am just going to stick with 7.0 maybe, or even lower...??

    From the announcement:

    Key new features of Red Hat Linux 7.2 enhance the viability and value of
    the Linux OS as a server in the corporate environment. These include:

    * The 2.4.7 Linux kernel for increased scalability
    * Ext3 Journaling file system for data reliability
    * Network Configuration, User Management, and Hardware Viewing tools
    for infrastructure and development
    * Firewall Configuration during installation and Red Hat Network for
    added security

    Red Hat Linux 7.2 is a powerful workstation product at an unbeatable price.
    Key new features include:

    * Improved USB support
    * Nautilus file manager
    * Mozilla Web browser
    * Latest versions of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments
    * Office applications, such as a full version of Sun StarOffice 5.2
    * Printed Installation Guide and extensive Linux documentation
    * C, C++, Java and other compilers as well as Python, Perl and
    PHP interpreters
    * Complete web, file, mail, name, ftp and print servers
    * Loki Game demo CD
    * 30 days of Web-based support
    * 30-day subscription of Red Hat Network Software Manager for 1 system

    Red Hat Linux Professional is for professional workstations and servers. It includes everything in Red Hat Linux 7.2, plus:

    * A printed Customization Guide
    * A Web Server Applications CD with application development tools
    and Interchange ECommerce package
    * Workstation Applications CD with full Adobe Acrobat, IBM Java Run
    Time Environment and more
    * System Administrator CD
    * 60 days of Web-based support
    * 60 days of Telephone-based support, including 2 incidents
    * 180-day subscription of Red Hat Network Software Manager for 1 system

    Only real problem I have seen reported so far. There seems to be a problem printing with some printers. Doens't seem to affect me. There were also a couple of really stupid syntax errors in a couple of the files in the kernel source. I had to fix these first before I could re-compile the kernel. They should have fixed these. This was reported last week when the errrata kernel was released for 7.1.

    Jim H

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    Re: RedHat 7.2 has arrived!

    More on the printing problems, if anyone is interested.

    --------Begin Forwarded Message--------

    Broken Enigma printing, why and fix
    From: Crutcher Dunnavant <>
    Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:22:21 -0400

    > Now, if only I could get the printer working. Anyone had any experience
    > with a local printer setup on Roswell? This printer worked fine when
    > connected to a windows machine, and accessed as a smbprinter from a
    > Seawolf machine. Now that it is connected locally, I can't make it print
    > at all.

    > The printer is a Epson Stylus color 880, connected to /dev/lp0.


    un-official un-QAed un-signed fixes available at:

    install all of the *.i386 rpms, or rebuild the srpms.


    #ifdef ICAREWHY

    Well, guess what, we got bit!

    We use the data from the database to configure
    drivers, and that data is rather large. The old version of the database
    was in perl DataDumper formot (nasty, eh?), and a migration to XML
    happened after the 7.1 freeze, but before the release.

    But the original perl data was generated from a PostgreSQL database,
    and the _real_ data existed as rows in that database, so the migration
    to XML exported that data to XML files, but the semantics of tables and
    constraints was kept.

    So now, the foomatic system is a relational database of XML files. DBAs
    can start crying now.

    Using the perl XML parsers which where originally used on this version, it
    took a VERY long time (~5 minutes) and a LOT of memory (~150 megs) to
    compile the combo data for ONE printer/driver pair; and it took about 15
    minutes to compile the overview.

    Needless to say, this was a bit much, and prompted the distros (Mandrake
    and Red Hat) which use this data to pre-compute the cache. This took
    about a day of build time. I am not joking.

    So I proposed to the people that we needed a C compler
    for this, and that I would write one after we agreed on semantics and
    everything for it's integration. I was trying to not step on toes.

    4 days latter, Till Kampeter, who co-maintains the database, and works
    for Mandrake, submitted a C program which compiled this data. I took
    about 5 seconds to compile a printer/driver combo.

    This was late in my development cycle, but I really needed this, so we
    switched. It was FAST, everything was cool.

    2 days after we went Gold, we discovered that there was a bug in Till's
    code, which caused it to miscompute the constraints in a very few cases.

    And the 'PrinterModel' option of the 'stp' driver, which is required for
    the driver to work, was one of those cases. I was a bit upset.

    There was a risk. The rewards were very high. We lost the gamble. There
    is an update coming out SOON, it works but must be QAed.


    Yeah. I'm sorry (personally). An errata is being tested right now to fix
    this bug.


    Crutcher Dunnavant, Red Hat OS Devel <>
    passwd: anoncvs, cvs -z6 -d login
    cvs -z6 -d co printconf

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