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Thread: RedHat 7.1 and StarOffice

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    RedHat 7.1 and StarOffice

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that StarOffice 5.2 had problems with the 2.4.x kernel (i think it was installation or just general problems) is this the case? I received the StarOffice CD with my RH7.1 boxed set, is it safe to install this i.e. it's not going to screw up my system*!?

    what's the best way to install the StarOffice product on RH7.1 (just to be on the safe side)..

    Cheers.... 8)

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    Re: RedHat 7.1 and StarOffice

    StarOffice 5.2 will work fine with RH 7.1. Either use the installer on the RH 7.1 applications cd, the installer should autorun when you insert the cd in the drive, or just install the rpm manually from the cd with:

    rpm -Uvh filename.rpm

    There will be several different staroffice rpm's, look at the readme file on the cd to see which one is the language you wish too install.

    Jim H

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    Re: RedHat 7.1 and StarOffice

    Thanks Jim H
    I feel a bit foolish, i got it working no problem. I was concentrating on fonts/resolution last night.

    Is there an equivalent RedHat Packet Management tool to Debian's. I run both (RH & D) and Debian kicks ass, all you do is ask it to go and update your system or install packages and it does it all for you (eliminating the dependency nightmare). This takes away a lot of anxiety for the newbie. I hope RedHat go this way as i reckon it will be the future.

    Good to have "an old head" to talk to...



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    Re: RedHat 7.1 and StarOffice

    The best way for newbies to keep their Red Hat install up to date is to use Red Hat's Update Agent. Look at the manpage for up2date for information. man up2date

    There is a project that is trying to port apt to rpm based systems. I don't know how far along they are in porting apt.

    I think I only ever looked at up2date once, old habits are hard to break, I just prefer manually updating my systems.

    Jim H

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