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Thread: NTFS under RH 7.2

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    NTFS under RH 7.2

    I build my own kernels when I use linux to get the ntfs support and up until this latest release, I've been successful in accessing my NT 4/2000 drives. I compiled a new kernel using the latest source (2.4.9-21 I believe)
    and now whenever I try to access my directory with all my music while in Xmms my system completely locks up and doesn't respond to any commands. If you have any suggestions, please toss them my way. btw, i'm running a p3 550 coppermine with 320 megs of ram and 3 quantum fireball 20 gig hd's.


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    Re: NTFS under RH 7.2

    The NTFS lockup problems with RH 7.2 seem to be related to their 2.4.9-x kernels. Some people it works fine, but for others it doesn't work at all. It must just effect certain hardware configurations. The only success I have seen for people who experience lockups with Red Hat's 2.4.9-x kernel is to use a newer Red Hat kernel from rawhide or to use a vanilla kernel tree.

    Rawhide kernels are considered beta. They may work perfect for you, but then they may eat all your data. :-/ Also rawhide kernels >=2.4.17-.0.6 use the new kernel DRM modules for XFree86 4.2.0. However the 4.2.0 DRM modules are "supposed" to be backward compatible with 4.1.0.

    Jim H

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