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Thread: Updating Redhat

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    Updating Redhat

    Is it possible to update RedHat by downloading rpms from the site. Do you have to download to the machine you want to upgrade or can you download rpms to another machine and then ftp them to the machine needing the update? Trying to get round the fact that i only have a 56kbps link at home but i have a good network connection at work so i could get the files onto my laptop (running Debian) and then transfer them across to my RedHat machine at home.

    Hope this makes sense...


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    Re: Updating Redhat

    Just place all the updates in a directory and install them with;

    rpm -Fvh *.rpm

    Except for the kernel rpm never use -U or -F always use:

    rpm -ivh kernel-version.rpm

    The kernel-headers rpm use -U or -F. The kernel-source rpm it is up to you. You can use -U, -F, or -i depending on whether you want to also keep your old kernel source or not.

    Jim H

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I must admit to being nervous about upgrading the kernel. Every newbie's nightmare.

    Over a modem, updating using RH Update agent would take 1-2 days!
    The last time i looked it was 110M.

    What are the essential files to keep up-to-date on a RedHat linux system?

    Can these be installed with minimal hassle?

    I reckon it would make a good article

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    You really should use any update that comes out for your system. If Red Hat releases an offficial update it is usually to fix a critical bug or security related.

    If you want to be notifiedby Red Hat when they release updates sign up here. The only traffic is from Red Hat and then only update notices.

    You should have no problems installing the updates.

    Jim H

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I have had problems using RHN today, first using Netscape on Debian i selected all the rpms i needed as it has a record of my system at home(128 of them) and asked to download them, it told me the "document contained no data" or something along those lines.

    I then tried it on NT and it downloaded an empty tar file? rhn-update.tar or something.

    Any advice?

    Thanks :-/

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    Red Hat released an official update today to KDE 2.2.2 for 7.2, I imagine their servers are getting hit pretty hard.

    It would probably be easy just to use an ftp program and connect to a Red Hat mirror and download them that way. I use It is a very fast mirror. At least it is for me or was anyway now that I just let everyone know about it.

    Jim H

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I got the download through RedHat and it was quick. I also have cable modem access though. The entire update took less than 15 minutes.

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I tried to post this as a new topic but the board said I wasn't logged in?

    Presently I am running RH 7.0 on a Dell Optiplex Gn+ here are the
    233 Mhz Pentium Pro
    64 MB RAM
    6.4 gig Maxtor Hardrive(linux)primary slave
    2.1 gig Quantum HD (Windoze98)primary master
    NEC 1800a CDROM secondary master
    Iomega Zip100/Atapi secondary slave
    3.5 Floppy
    ESS1868 sound card

    I have no problem accessing the CD and the zip under 7.0 but when I
    install 7.1 (no prob with install)the initial boot up hangs saying that it is not checking
    CD and ZIP with status but with altstatus (sorry i haven't got the
    0X00 numbers) and when it does boot up the CDROM access light
    continously lights up and resets. ANy ideas??


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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I tried to post this as a new topic but the board said I wasn't logged in?
    Thats strange, do you cookies enabled? It needs to set a session only cookie when you login.

    Might be a DMA problem with the older hardware and the 2.4 kernel. Try booting with: linux ide=nodma

    If that doesn't do it , post the exact error message you are seeing and if possible a few lines above and below the error.

    Jim H

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    Re: Updating Redhat

    I have updated! I left out the tetex files as they were quite large and samba also due to size. I think everything went ok.

    Only problem is that i now have 2 kernels, when i do a rpm -q kernel i get


    When i do a uname -a it is giving me the 2.4.2-2 kernel.

    How do i use the new kernel? Also i have only installed the kernel, not the headers, what other files to do with the kernel should i install?



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