Yea! KDE 2.2.2 has arrived! ;D

kdelibs-2.2.2 is built against a newer libxslt, I had to download libxml2-2.4.10-2 and libxslt-1.0.7-4 from rawhide to satisfy the dependency. I recompiled the source rpms for libxml2-2.4.10-2 and libxslt-1.0.7-4, I didn't install the binary rpm's from rawhide. The binary rpm's from rawhide should work, but I usually don't recommend using binary rpm's from rawhide.

Recompiling the source rpm's for libxml2-2.4.10-2 and libxslt-1.0.7-4 is very easy. The new rpm's are placed in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386

rpm --rebuild libxml2-2.4.10-2.src.rpm
Install the new libxml2 rpm's
rpm --rebuild libxslt-1.0.7-4.src.rpm
install the new libxslt rpm's

cd into the directory where you downloaded KDE 2.2.2 and:

rpm -Fvh *.rpm

and you are done.

Seem's to be working great so far. :-)

Jim H