The other day I recieved a 333mhz pentium 2 computer. My initial reaction was to turn it into a dedicated server and give it to someone else, but that all changed when I was cleaning my room. Imagine my surprise when I was sifting through my closet when I found a copy of Red Hat Linux 6.0. Then I got this crazy idea, "What if i installed this on the Pentium 2 computer, and relive some of those moments i used to have with Linux?" So anyway, I placed the CD in the computer, booted it from CD, and then I began the installation. Ah, the appearance of the KDE 2 desktop brought back memories, as did the overused Helvetica font that was used all of the time on the earlier distros. Well, I fired up the browser (which happened to be Netscape by the way) and I decided to do a little surfing on the net. I went surfing for a while, and I decided that I would try to download some programs and compile them from source (just like the good ol' days). I downloaded a copy of Wine, and I tried to compile it. Ah, and this is where I got a real sense of nostalgia, it didn't compile. I was given a huge list of errors, something that you seldomly get anymore.

So what was this post all about? Well, it was about the development of Linux. Although Red Hat Linux 6 was made in 1999, there has been so much in terms of development for Linux. I now sit here with my KDE 3.3 Desktop, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 browser, and I have the fantastic Bitstream Vera Sans font instead of the Helvetica. I just think that sometimes we need to fire up that old version of Linux to truly appreciate what we have now. God bless Linux!