Hi all,
Since I requested this forum to be added, I figure I might as well be the first to post. I'm currently downloading the files off of the OpenBSD website to try and install it on my laptop. I actually didn't intend to install it, just thought I'd check to see if it had PCMCIA support while I'm between installations of Linux. (I was planning on installing Debian and had Slakware already on it.) I downloaded the boot image, dd'd it to a floppy, and booted my machine. Surprisingly, I didn't have to do anything to make it find my devices. It knew what they were and didn't give me any problems (to begin with.) I did have a little trouble finding the "eth0" device, but then noticed that OpenBSD doesn't name network devices by a device type, but rather a driver type. My Linksys was recognized as "ne3." A quick "ifconfig" and I was up and running. I got so excited that I decided to go ahead and attempt an install. Now I have run into a snag. When I tell it to "install" at the installation menu, I can get to the partitioning part. At first, I couldn't get it to get past that, but now I can get to a point shortly past the "change root password" stage. I also can't seem to be able to get it to recognize my cdrom (which is my other PCMCIA device). I tried mounting it as /dev/cd0, /dev/cd0a, and all of the alternatives provided, but it gives me a "device not configured" error. This is the same error I get during the install. I will continue to play with this until I either give up or get it right, but in the mean time, are there any experienced OpenBSDers here that might be able to help?
Thanks for reading my LOOONNNNNGG post. I'll keep everyone here updated as to how my install is going and what I did to make it work (assuming I get that far)