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Thread: I forgot to do a /sbin/lilo after kernel compile!

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    I forgot to do a /sbin/lilo after kernel compile!

    OK this has never happened to me before. I quickly changed a kernel option in xconfig after just compiled my kernel. So I figured I didnt need to use a backup (STUPID MISTAKE which I'll never do again). Now I cant start up. I use a floppy to start up linux. Anyone know how to go back to linux just to run lilo or know how to login as a single user account whilst at lilo?

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    Re: I forgot to do a /sbin/lilo after kernel compi

    Type: linux single
    at the boot prompt to boot single user mode.

    I don't know about Slack, but RedHat allows you to use CD1 as a rescue disk. Just boot with CD1 in your cdrom then at the prompt type: linux rescue
    It should ask you to enter your language and country. If you have multiple linux partitions it will ask which one holds your root partition. It should now tell you where your system is mounted, usually /mnt/sysimage
    When it drops you to a shell prompt type: chroot /mnt/sysimage
    Then just type: lilo -v
    Lilo will now be re-installed. To reboot type: exit
    Will have to type exit twice, once to exit the chroot environment and again to reboot.

    When you have your system booted again, don't forget to make a new bookdisk.

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