Well I have been using it for a week or so now and have formed quite an opinion on it.

I like slack for certain things, it's speed is very nice, and it comes with packages up to date versus many distros that are still using older packages, so you could say Slack is more bleeding edge.

I absolutely despise the packaging tool, or lack thereof. Everything downloaded is in tarball format and therefore very open to being a real pain in the arse to install.

I like slack in the fact that I can have about a thousand windows open and don't see any degredation in performance, you can't do that in Mandrake, but then again that is comparing apples and oranges.

I absolutely despise the install program as well. If for some masachistic(sp?) reason you decide to do expert install, as I ever so stupidly did, your install will take a minimum of an hour, it took me even more than that. Slack does let you choose down to whether you want your i's dotted and your t's crossed, cuz god it took me forever to go through their selection system. Maybe for some this is a perk, but they need to clean up the look and feel of the install program. It is VERY boring to look at, and would be somewhat hard for a newbie to understand.

Also their install disc is bloated. Out of all the crap they have on their install disc, there isn't even a print server such as cups or a way to set up a printer. I have to download an entire extra's cd to be able to get this, well unless I download the files myself. I think this should be standard on the install disc, not something they have to seek out and download or install another disc for. I don't think printer support should be an "extra."

Well with this said, I am going to prolly switch distros to either debian, or eventually when everyone and their dog stop downloading RH 7.2 I'll be doing that. I have to say, RPM's gave me a bit of a headache at first, but when I got used to them, they were a cinch and I liked them very much. Plus, it is easier to find an RPM for a proggy than it is a .deb file.

To be continued....