I got a coulple odd problems with mandrake 7.2. For one I everytime I finally think I got the clock set it changes right back to what it was after reboot. I've probaly set the thing 50 times in as many different ways as i can find. After so it adjust just as it should and you can logout and login and everythings fine. Soon as you reboot it goes right back to what it was.

Second problem is I cant get the lilo/grub to save the changes. All I want it to do is to give me more time before it automatically boots the default o/s. I'm afraid to mess with it , last time I caused windows to become unbootable ( I know what your thinking but I need windows untill I can get a real modem)..(then i can really give windows the boot!) Is there way i can set it up to boot from floppy so I can mess with lilo/grub without having to worry?