Hello, I'm having trouble starting the install for mandrake 8.0 . I'm not set up for cd autobooting. so normally as with linux mandrake 7.2 I'll start from the ms dos prompt and go to d:dosutils\autoboot then type autoboot. well there doesn't seem to be an autoboot directory anywhere on my cd. I think they forgot or something and used mandrake 7.2's install readme in place of the 8.0.. i've also tried ....

"go into the "dosutils" directory and double-click on the "rawwritewin" icon
insert a blank floppy in the floppy drive
select "D:\images\cdrom.img" in the "Image File" field (assuming that your CDROM drive is "D:", otherwise replace "D:" as needed) "

that seemed to start working but i got: "error in exec of stage 2" then "fatal error in stage 1, not a directory"

so does anyone know how i can start the install from the msdos prompt? or is there a way i can do this while in linux?

thanks for any advice