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    Mandrake Is great!! But I have a problem with ISO files. I've burnt them to a CD and then looked at the CD to only see the the RPMS. WHERE OR HOW DO YOU MAKE THE CD BOOTABLE ?

    Thanks Rob Passmore

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    Re: Mandrake

    welp, an ISO is simply an image of a CD. By burning from an ISO you're making an exact copy of the original CD. So, if the cd you're burning wasn't originally bootable, you can't make that one bootable. If all that was on the CD was a bunch of RPMs, all you'll see is a bunch of RPMs.
    What exactly are you trying to burn? A mandrake install cd? Check your BIOS settings to make sure it's set to boot to cdrom first. Maybe the CD really is bootable but your computer isn't trying

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    Re: Mandrake

    I am really Dirkon and not Dirkon101 for now on you see me logged in as Dirkon. I screwed up sorry.

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    Re: Mandrake

    Dirkon....check to see if you have an autorun.inf file anywhere in your directory...If you do your cd is bootable and your CD-Rom is the culprite. If this is the case go into your bios and check the boot settings to make sure it seeks for the CD-ROM before the C: drive....

    If this isn't the problem....what burning software are you using.....your RPMS should be in a subdirectory anyways so I think it might be your burner software....if you have adaptec direct cd you need to goto file and load image from a file...or something along those lines. That should load it and you should be able to go straight to burn....Hope this helps...tell us if it doesn't....we'll find something else for ya!

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    Re: Mandrake

    mmm.. autorun.inf isn't a bootable cd file.... if the cd has an autorun.inf file on it that means it should do something when you put it into your drive while windows is running...
    I recommend Golden Hawk's cdrwin for burning iso files. works beautifully.

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    Re: Mandrake

    I say poo on you, poo on you I say! I was at over 32 hours without sleep when I wrote that post. So Poo on you I say. Plus at the same time as writing that post I was having to deal with a crazy naked guy in the lobby of the hotel that I work at saying that the hotel was the house of god and he was the son of god. Long story made short he got arrested adn sent to a mental evaluation yesterday, don't know what they had to evaluate cause it was pretty apparent he was crazy, but anyways poo on you I say. But yes I concede autorun.inf is for windows....there is a file or files that the bios accesses but I can't remember the name of them. Anyways, your culprit if you have a fairly new system a few years old or newer, is more than likely your burning software that just didn't get set up right or can't handle iso's correctly.
    I do apologize for the misinformation, lack of sleep can make you really kinda delirious....

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    Re: Mandrake

    Woohoo! I remember, you should have a subdirectory called images, and inside that boot directory you should have a! hahahaha I remembered! Anyways, THAT is the file it looks for when you boot, if you don't have that then you need to reburn with some diff software

    adaptec direct cd
    or whatever JMan says

    Anways, I have sorta redeemed myself! I really am not that stupid, I promise. Only when deprived from sleep do I make stupid remarks as such!

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: Mandrake

    If your bios supports boot from CD, then you just turn that on, and the setup for the distro will start when you turn the computer on.

    Works fine for me


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