As you guys know, I just bought a new external modem and a stick of ram. I am now up to 384 meg of Ram. Well I installed Mandrake because my Redhat install flopped! Soooo, I was running mandrake for a bit and I decided to run tux racer, wow was it slow! Then I tried to do the ping pong game, can't remember the name right now, and it was just as if not more slow. I then decided to see what the problem was. Out of 384 meg of ram without anything else running except KDE I only hand .5 meg free all the rest was being used! ERRR, that shouldn't be. So I rebooted the system, started up KDE again and checked it out, WOOHOOO .75 meg free! That did it for me, I started to download slack. I get about halfway done using gftp so I could resume and stall and crash. GRRR Linux isn't supposed to do this. I had to hard reboot and what happened my entire download is gone! So I reinstall Mandrake completely to see if the install was bad, memory was still being used completely and it was still crashing around every 4 to 5 hours(still better than Windows). Well I gave up on it, went to the bookstore and by pure chance found a copy of Redhat 6.0(yes I know it is old, but I can fix that! ) and it was priced at 3.99 for the whole thing. Half Price Books is a great store. Not only that, it was the first place I have seen up here in Seattle that sells Linux games, so I bought a few, since all of them were priced at 5.99 a peice. I got soldier of fortune, railroad tycoon II, and sim city 3000. They said they would be getting a new shipment of them in next week, so I will be heading back. I could make a mint buying from them and reselling! LOL