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Thread: Mandrake learning from Microsoft

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    Re: Mandrake learning from Microsoft

    Whether or not Mandrake would recognize a difference in a call, I think corporations that will be looking for support that costs this much, will have internal *nix representatives to call if you don't know where your directory went, or if you're wondering why you get permission denied when you run 'rm -rf / '

    I'm sure a lot of large corporations don't mind paying that kind of money for support, and do regularly. If you're small and don't have huge problems to deal with, I can't see it being logical to call. I mean someone like amazon, whose switching over to Linux, if they chose MDK, and they had a problem, I'm sure $4900 is a small price to pay for them to get immediate help to get their system(s) back online. If you've already got Linux servers set up, I'd assume you'd have some sort of admin with a head on his shoulders that won't be calling with stupid questions.

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    Re: Mandrake learning from Microsoft

    Aaron that is exactly what I meant! ;D

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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