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Thread: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

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    Re: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyNet
    As neat as this place is Xamindar, we have no real way to keep it going. The owner of the website has been MIA for a very long time now. Some things are in dire need of upgrade and or fixing.

    Babbing, and I have access to the web admin tool but no way to add any major features. We can't do much on these forums either. I do promote GLO a little bit, but if we were to promote it that much.... well we might collapse on ourselves.

    Although the few of us that are left over will try to help people when we can. As for gaxprels my man, well your questions are just to hard ???.
    Just keeping everyone on their toes ;D

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    Re: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

    I have been MIA for quite some time. I had a death close in the family and it has hit me pretty hard. I can't say that I am fully recovered or that I am able to dedicate much more time to GLO at this time, quite yet. I don't want this site to be run down or without the needed attention that it needs, but I am the only one that has been maintaining it for some time and with life changes as many of you have, it can make things such as this very difficult. Let me get myself worked out a little bit more mentally and we'll see what we can do with GLO.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

    I don't believe this, the freshmeat woke up Aragorn.
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    Re: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

    Sorry about the loss... good to see you back though.

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    Re: KDE!! AHHHH!!!

    Ok, I understand. I'll try to stay here and help any way I can.

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