> I created this board in reference to a response I recieved from Mr. Robbins on Usenet. I was supposedly "shamelessly plugging" GLO and well here is the context of what I originally said, his response, and then my response thereafter:

From: josh.rogers@getlinuxonline.com (Josh Rogers)
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Subject: Re: If you have a Linux Question
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Mr. Robbins,

I apologize that you feel I am "shamelessly plugging my site." To let you in on a little secret, I am not plugging my site to draw visitors so I can get ad impressions or what not, but I am trying to help the community. I have one banner on my site, and it isn't a pay banner but a banner to promote other Linux sites, I don't earn a dime off of it. I have started the site to help newbies like I once was to help promote Linux as a desktop OS. I want to see the "bullshit" of windows taken off the ordinary computer and replaced with Linux. Whether this is a pipe dream or not, I don't care, I feel it is a cause that I want to pursue. I know that others can benefit from my site because it is geared toward newbies, and the users that I have now are loyal to the site and praise it as such. I and the webmaster of my site have spent many hours plugging away making the site as newbie friendly as possible, and always trying to add resources to it. If you don't want to come to my site for supposed "moral" reasons, because you feel that I am spamming, "shamelessly plugging", or what not, that is fine. I let people know of my site because I want to help those who are making the transition that I am sure you did and I did before. As I am sure you know there are still a lot of topics that are difficult to find information on for Linux, well I hope I can eliminate some of that, as well as you want to do through usenet. On a final note, to say that usenet is not full of advertising, your quite mistaken, I have scoured these messages, and there are many supposed "shameless plugs" for websites, but I give them credit unless they are full of ads and junk that isn't useful to the newbie. So, I won't expect to see you join the site, that is fine, but I hope that I can help atleast a few newbies out. So my "shameless plug" will not be for not. So I hope this isn't to much "bullshit" for you to handle

Josh Rogers
Adminstrator of GetLinuxOnline.Com

If you want to continue this, please feel free to email me, or you can
further it here at a non "bullshit" usenet.
my email address is josh.rogers@getlinuxonline.com

Dave Robbins <kimodo@kulao.com> wrote in message news:<Pine.LNX.4.33.0108111246330.10430-100000@cc290967-a.catv1.md.home.com>...
> shameless plugging of your site will cause you to not "get a response in a
> timely manner". please, no advertising on usenet, its one of the only
> places on the net where you dont have to put up with that kind of
> bullshit.
> On 11 Aug 2001, Josh Rogers wrote:
> > Usenet is a great resource for Linux questions, but you don't always
> > get a response in a timely manner or one at all. Sometimes you don't
> > understand the answer, and it takes so long to have your post posted
> > and wait for a response. GetLinuxOnline.Com is hosting a linux
> > support forum that your guaranteed to get an answer within just a
> > short period of time, and it instantaneously posts, so you might even
> > get a response right away. You can always ask to have the answer
> > explained to you if you don't understand, or you can delve deeper into
> > the problem.
> >
> > Come join the message board, it is free as rain, and ask a question in
> > both places, see how quick you get an answer, and compare the quality
> > of answer. I guarantee you'll enjoy our message boards.
> >
> > http://www.getlinuxonline.com
> >
> > Just click on discussion then click register up at the top.
> >
> > GLO doesnt only host message boards, but I think you'll want to give
> > those a try first!
> >
> > Thank you,
> > Aragorn
> > Admin of GLO
> >
> > P.S. Please, write me back and let me know what you think of the
> > site! Email me from the site, or you can leave a message here!
> >