This was a thread posted at LNO referring newbies to read this before they ask questions. This is why I have pretty much boycotted, and why I have created this site.

As much as I appreciate newbies doing research before they ask a question, I don't feel it is a requirement. Otherwise, why would I have a support site in the first place if I was going to tell them everytime, go elsewhere to find the answer. This is pure BS!!! in my opinion and it really ticks me off because I know many newbies got ticked off too because of this "code of conduct" that a certain part of the Linux community feels needs to be upheld. This is ridiculous, if someone wants to ask a blind question then let them ask a blind question, they might get a blind answer and that is where they shall learn to be more explicit. Sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction to even look up the answer you are trying to find! Is this not why we are here. I am by no means a Linux expert, but when someone asks a question here, I don't flame them, but I go and do research for them, or I give them the link to do the research for themselves. I gave them a nudge...if they dont' understand where I led them, then I can elaborate. This is how a newbie should be introduced to a completely new OS. Not go read the fucking manual(RTFM as more commonly seen). This is why the Linux community has lost so many newbies back over to the Windows side, because we are to arrogant to help a guy/girl that can't get there mouse to work in X. BTW, mouse to work in X is supposedly the most blindsided question that a newbie can ask and the most ridiculed, I think it is a valid question, needs more information, but will get a blind answer of "Well what is your hardware specs, can we get a copy of your XF86Config file." It is blind because it doesn't answer anything, but it gives a nudge for them to look at their hardware setup and look at the way they have there config file setup, if anything it just exposes them to what a XF86Config file looks like!