You will probably say I should Have Known Better.

I love Linux. Certainly, I haven't mastered it, but I am making the transition.

So, when my notebook's hard drive crashed and I had to install a new one, why did I install Windows 98 on it?

There were two reasons. First, my Compaq Presario 1200 did not have sufficient resources to run RedHat 8.0, or even 7.1 adequately. It has 64 megs of RAM with 4 of that being used by the video card. Its cpu is strong enough, and it has a 12 gig hard drive (now), but without more memory I hesitated to install Linux on it, at least RedHat or Lindows.

The second reason was that I was afraid that it would be difficult to find drivers for my hardware. Its hard enough to find Windows drivers. BUT - I actually found a web page by a faithful linux user who installed a Mandrake Linux package on his Presario 1200. It was complete with links and instructions. I doubt you would ever find a similar page for Windows! I didn't find one.

I've installed all the old Windows applications: WordPerfect Suite, Paint Shop 6.0, RealOne, and the newest version of IE Explorer, 6.0. It is just as it was before, only I have a bigger hard drive.

Yet, somehow, my notebook seems STALE. Windows 98, or whatever, feels stale compared to Linux packages. I get a kick out of using a Linux application, such as OpenOffice, knowing it was FREE! I had to pay for my WordPerfect Suite, and there isn't the same thrill. Also, Linux has more opportunities, as an open source OS.

Should I upgrade my Presario to 128 megs of memory, I think I'll install a Linux Package and have a dual boot, so I can use both operating systems.

Until then, The Thrill Is Gone.

Real Audio Required