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Thread: This is why I created GLO!

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    Re:This is why I created GLO!

    Alls i gotta say is $hit! i have never gotten a RTFM answer, but i usually dont go on forums for help, i ask my friends that may know,when i looked over GLO i knew it was awesome stuff, that is the reason i signed up, i am usually one that will just go research and research and get annoyed that i cant find what i need, but you guys are great, any questions i may have you answer. its really nice when your a newbie.
    AMD Athlon XP 2500+<br />DFI NFII Ultra Infinity(gigabyte sucks)<br />OCZ 2 x 512 PC3200<br />ATI Radeon AIW 9600 PRO<br />16x DVD-Rom (not in use)<br />LG 8x DVD-Burner<br />LG 40x12x40 CD-RW<br />WD 120GB<br />420W PSU<br />Tweaked out case<br />:)

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    Re:This is why I created GLO!

    Sites like this represent the best of what Internet can be in my oppinion,
    it's a great site with alot of nice and skilled users. I've noticed that on some other forums people are very rude and make one look like a fool when not as skilled as they are ... but not here, people around here seems very friendly and I really feels like it is ok to post any question that I have.

    I've lerned alot since I started to hang out here and that is worth alot to me, and in some rare occation even I can contribute with something, and that feels good to give something back to the "community".

    So for me it has become the first and last website I visit every day, and a source to alot of information and an excellent way to get to know the linux
    operating system.

    Keep up the good work you all
    because this site really ROCKS!!

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