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Thread: Survey - Please Respond

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    Survey - Please Respond

    Alright kids, your friendly neighborhood webmaster here asking a few questions about the site. If you're so inclined, let me know what your answers are, either in email or here on the board so we can try to steer the site in the right direction for y'all.
    1. What section of the site do you find most useful?

    2. What section of the site do you find yourself spending the most time at?

    3. What section of the site do you find least useful?

    4. Is the site easy to navigate?

    5. If no, what do you feel makes it difficult?

    6. Would you like to see anything specific added to this site?

    7. Do you have any other comments/criticisms?

    Thanks folks. Let us know what you think.

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    Re: Survey - Please Respond

    1 : Forum
    2 : Forum
    3 : Linux news
    4 : Yes
    5 : N/A
    6 : The security topic in the forum eventually
    7 : I was going to say the cgi-bin being world readable, but I guess Aragorn finally read my e-mail. Main page could use a bit of a refurbishing, not too snazzy looking. Over all satisfactory page, has lots of potential. I'm looking forward to the forum getting a little more busy. I'm still working on that Slack 8 installation walkthrough... I just need to get my main linux box running so I can walk through it while I fill it up with useful info.

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    Re: Survey - Please Respond

    1. Forum
    2. Forum
    3. Linux News. Just needs to be updated more.
    4. Yes
    5. n/a
    6. More of anything
    7. No other comments/criticisms right now.

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