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From the I can't believe they said that department...
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Thread: From the I can't believe they said that department...

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    From the I can't believe they said that department...

    This is from the ale ( http://ale.org ) list...
    DRM is a funny thing. I emailed Napster after seeing the Super Bowl
    commercial. The question was how to use their service with a generic
    memory stick player and Linux. I get an email explaining how the files
    I download from them are in WMA format with Windows DRM. Then they go
    on explaining how I can circumvent that protection by burning and audio
    CD and ripping then converting back to MP3. A PITA to do. At the end
    of the email they even suggest using a CD-RW in case I plan on doing
    this a lot and their software can erase the CD-RW before buring. I bet
    iTunes would have never told me these things. I already knew this
    process but I just thought it funny they would tell me about it.
    Way to go Napster!!


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    Yeah, stickin it to da man! Maybe there is still a little fight lift in them
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    Actually, Microsoft also slipped up when they were explaining to users how to get their DRM WMA's on their IPod. Apparently, the microsoft website said to burn the song to a cd, and then re-rip with MP3, thus, telling everyone how to eliminate their own copy protection.
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