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Thread: Making a New Layout

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    Making a New Layout

    Alright kids... I've been kicking around some layout ideas here since we seem to have resolutely decided that the old look has to go.

    SO, I've got some layout to work with, but what would we like to see for a color scheme? Keep in mind that it has to be fairly high contrast... nothing too bad, but still..... remember that grey on black or yellow on white isn't too happy for most people.

    So what do you think? Personally I've been leaning towards a deep blue with white and black for text areas... little yellow splashed in.. I like it...


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    Re: Making a New Layout

    Got an example you could toss on a page somewhere? It would definately be easier if one could see it.

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    Re: Making a New Layout

    I agree. Toss a few examples up and see what everyone likes best.

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