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Thread: Time to stay logged in

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    Time to stay logged in

    I'm having a little trouble with this when I log in. I sometimes log in from school and post (like right now) and I don't want it to stay logged in for long. But if I put a low number of minutes, like 60, I'm already logged out once I go to one of the forums. So I have to put a big number and remember to log out. But even with big numbers, it doesn't stay logged in as long as I specify. I logged in for 240 minutes (4 hour class) but less than 3 hours later, I came back and was logged out already.

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    Log in / log out is only good for one section. I mean if you idel for some specific time specified by the server, you will get disconnected and will log you out.

    I think that what you are talking about or am I getting totally out there somewhere?? I didn't sleep last night so my thinking are not that clear... :-/

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    I select "stay logged in for ever" so that when I come back to the station, it auto logs me in, but if I check it from a different browser (without the cookie set) it doesn't list me logged in at the bottom of the page. It's all in the cookies man....

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    Log in / log out is only good for one section. I mean if you idel for some specific time specified by the server, you will get disconnected and will log you out.
    I'm not sure your thinking is all that clear. What do you mean by one section anyway? I told it to log me in for 60 minutes. It said "Welcome Kenshi" on the forum index page but when I went to a certain forum, it said "Welcome guest." It definately didn't take me 60 minutes to get from one page to the next. (It might at home but I was at school on a decent connection.) So I increased the time to about 300 and it worked. Know what I mean Vern?

    KP: I do click "stay logged in forever" at home but this is a school computer. I tend to forget to log out and I don't want other schmucks walking up and making posts under my name. The cookies from LO only last until I close my browser, which is good at school but bad at home. Here, it has a timer available but that timer seems to be off a little. It considers 60 to be 0 and 240 to be something less than 180. As long as this variance is consistent, I could probably figure out how much to add to the minutes to find out what number to put, but it would be even better if this bug was fixed.

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    Just a wild guess, but it sounds like that number might actually be seconds instead of minutes...

    I don't understand how the forum could be subtracting some seemingly random number from the number you entered. Sounds more like the forum asks for minutes and then accidentally sets the cookie to expire in that many seconds. Try setting it for 3600 and see if it lasts for an hour

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    I set it for 240 and it lasted for more than 4 minutes. Plus it didn't take 60 seconds to go from the index page to a forum. In the morning, my school has one of those connections where when you click on a link, the next page comes up soon. You know what I'm talking about; you probably have one of those connections. Things get much slower around lunch though when people get on. But this is Friday and not many people have classes on Friday.

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    Interesting, that's screwed up. Maybe the forum is just pulling random numbers out of it's ass...

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    Re: Time to stay logged in

    Well it's consecutive for a given number. I think I usually use 60 when I tried to log in and I usually couldn't post because of it. It wasn't until today though that I realized that was the reason why.

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