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Thread: Blargh!

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    oh my god... what was I thinking? Sure, I'll get a 9 to 5, no problem. I can pay off my bills, get a car. It'll be great. No problem.

    Oh, wait.. I have to get up early.. then work. D'oh!

    Just letting you all know that I'm still here, just insane.

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    Re: Blargh!

    Hahah, now you know how I feel all the time!

    Sorry that not much has been done on the site the last couple of days guys, look for improvements over the next few days seems to correspond!

    We are adding a chat service to the site, so if someone is in there, you should be able to get immediate assistance, I will try to be in there as much as possible, as will Jman....

    I was going to add the chat server today, but ended up having to clean the apartment since company is coming over tomorrow, then had to goto a Mariners game here in Seattle with the company....ick I hate baseball! :'( And on top of that, Mariners got spanked by a crappy team like the Royals (sorry to any fans of the Royals)

    And to complain a bit more, I am now at work from 11pm to 7am and I haven't slept nearly enough for this I am drinking LOADS of crappy Seattle's Best coffee.....Starbucks is too harsh, Seattles Best is pretty much burnt,and Tully's is just fine, but too expensive....augh....anyways.....g'night everyone.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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