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Thread: FBI ordered to reveal PC snooping technique

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    FBI ordered to reveal PC snooping technique

    Article on ComputerWorld about a case where the FBI used a technology to track computer keystrokes of a suspect in order to get his password for PGP encrypted files on his computer. They apparently could not crack the encryption on the files.,00.html

    Quote from the acrticle:
    "The government is making the case that they can install sophisticated technology on computers and make a national security claim" to keep it secret, he said. If it became a routinely accepted argument for preventing its disclosure to defendants in court, "it would radically alter our concept of due process and the rights of criminal defendants."

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    Re:  FBI ordered to reveal PC snooping technique

    For one, it is pretty sad that part of our national security couldn't even crack an encryption code, but god a key logger!


    I used a key logger in high school to get my Algebra teachers password so I could bump up my grade a bit, I mean c'mon! Is that not the most pathetic attempt at security.

    Hell, why not install a copy of pc anywhere and ask them to wait for connection before they type their password, that is about the equivalent.

    The rights that they tread on as well are pretty disturbing. These people are innocent until proven guilty(so they say anyways) and that is a blatent impeadment on the right to privacy. Augh....I guess CIA is the ones with all the cool stuff, FBI is stuck with the open source key logger that you can download from any h/v/a/c site on the web......pathetic.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re:  FBI ordered to reveal PC snooping technique

    This does not shock me one bit.Then again I'm a very conservative type and have not forgotten Ruby Ridge or the fiasco at Waco.I have nothing but contempt for the FBI and for that matter,the BATF.Stopping here cuz I'm getting my feathers ruffled. :-X > > >

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    Re:  FBI ordered to reveal PC snooping technique

    Our government is getting to be nothing but shambles, it is quite serious in my mind. But who am I to question our red white and blue. As much as I appreciate America, I think I need to move to Canada....besides the fact that the people are just plain damn rude in this country, Canadians are pretty nice people. Also I like the fact that I can drive for about 30 mins and be out in a secluded forest....PLUS!!! Free healthcare, the benefits go on and on....I say we all move up there and start a Linux community, Linux users only....all of our systems combined we could even have a nice WAN/LAN. Hmmmm, this needs to be considered seriously! ;D

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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