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Thread: Email from my ISP."CODE RED"

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    Email from my ISP."CODE RED"

    Just got this a few minutes ago.Road Runner is under attack from the Code Red Virus.I have Win 2K so I guess I'd better go download a patch from Microsoft to vaccinate my box. :

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    Re: Email from my ISP.

    Fortunately my penguin is immune to these problems, ;D ;D

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    Re: Email from my ISP."CODE RED"

    Yes,Tux is immune to many bugs.I keep winders around cuz I still use some progs say Nero,Partition Magic,Boot magic,Drive Copy and a couple others.

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    Re: Email from my ISP."CODE RED"

    I recieved a similar notice myself. What Road Runner fails to mention is that you're only vulnerable if you run IIS.
    If you're not running IIS, there's no necessity for the patch.
    Perhaps RR services should try a search at (or just about any other security based website)before they go off half-cocked with an unimformed, scare-tactic oriented mass emailing campaign.
    Whilst I do understand their concern, there's really no excuse for an ISP (especially a major ISP) *not* to have their facts straight about something like this.


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    Re: Email from my ISP."CODE RED"

    Roadrunner Did not mention any of that in the E-mail they sent me.I just sighed and got the dang patch.

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