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Thread: Bill Gates' Way or No Way

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    Bill Gates' Way or No Way

    Quote from this LATimes article:

    "Technical arguments abound, I know. But technical matters don't interest me. My computer is a toolbox by which I do my work. Seen in this light, Microsoft is a lesson. Microsoft is where free enterprise goes if left to its own devices: a tyranny as absolute as could be envisioned by Lenin. Ruthless and inescapable control."

    Someone needs to show this poor guy the key to the M$ jail and install Linux for him. ;D ;D

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    Re: Bill Gates' Way or No Way

    Oh I feel very sorry for this poor fellow. I don't think he understands that there is another viable option in Linux. I wonder if the guy has even heard of Linux...we'll have to introduce him to it!

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: Bill Gates' Way or No Way

    An interesting article indeed.However,I to,wonder if that gentleman has heard of Linux.If not he needs to be enlightened to Linux and the wonderful world of open source.

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