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Thread: We started!

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    We started!

    It is about time, we finally struck Afghanistan. I hope it becomes a full out assault here very soon. Although I think this is going to be more of a calculated war than a full force assualt. Oh well...

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    Re: We started!

    What's really ticking me off is how the Taliban is complaining that civilians were hurt. Ok, i'm in no way supporting killing civilians, because that is wrong. But what the f*ck did they expect?! If you put civilians near your training grounds and camps, do you expect the U.S. to not attack? And how about the more than 6,000 civilians that were in the World Trade Center? Unbelievable. I was so angry when I heard of these complaints from them.

    They're also bitching how the U.S. did not give them enough time to "discuss" with their leaders on what they should do next. Almost a FULL MONTH since the attack, and no actions on their behalf. Do they think the U.S. is that stupid?! Sh*t they were probably getting READY for the attack for that time span. Unbelievable.

    And now there's a video of Osama bin Laden threatening the U.S. population, saying how we will never have peace and security as long as his nation doesnt' have peace and security. Threaten US civilians, then complain about yours?

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    Re: We started!

    Oh I know, they are calling us the terrorists! 20 civilians is nothing compared to over 6000, and pretty much anyone left in the cities are there on their own accord, they could have fled like the other people did. We aren't attacking civilian locations, we are attacking military compounds, if there are civilians around that, that is their own stupidity when they know we are in war. If I was afraid of being killed the last place I would be hanging around in War is a military compound of ANY sort. Civilian deaths are an unfortunate part of war, but 6000 civilian deaths is not....that is terrorism. Plus, they can't even get their story straight, they tell their people none died, they tell Pakistan hundreds died, then they tell us 20 died....well which is it???

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: We started!

    Honestly I don't believe in helping them out at all. I've noticed on T.V. that the US military is aiding the hurt civilians with food, and supplies, and the like. I believe we should let them die. They attacked us; we did not attack them. We should not be helping the enemy at all. Not even their civilian population.

    They have complained about us suppling Israel with military arms, and that because of this we are the ones killing them. This is not true. If this were then we could also say that the Russians have supplied Sadam Hussaine with military arms, and that we should declare war on the Russians because their killing us.

    The reason they have chose to attack us is a bullsh*t reason, and they didn't even take into consideration that they are killing people who are just trying to live in peace like they are.

    Taking all of this into account. I don't care if we wipe out their entire civilian population if it means putting an end to their terror acts.
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    Re: We started!

    Civilians will be wounded and killed in this war.It is unavoidable!We didn't kill any civilians.The Taliban and Osama Buddy did.This started by the murder of American civilians.The deaths of innocents is on their heads not ours.I feel no guilt whatsoever.Who the hell started this?People seem to think this is going to be a neat and tidy war.It will be bloody with American casualties as well as allied casualties.I could care less how many of the enemy dies.If it took a million dead zealots that's ok if it stopped terrorism.This is only the beginning as we must deal with Algeria,Irag,Iran,Syria,Libya and The Sudan if we are to stop terrorism.

    PS;As Rambo said,"They drew first blood not us"

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    Re: We started!

    I agree that we shouldn't be helping these people, but we are doing it because of the overwhelming about of greeners we have these days that are the ones calling this "a racist war" and a "killing of the innocent". Which pisses me off to no extent, but that is for a later rant, hehe. What pissed me off today is the UN gave a chair to Syria, one of the countries that obviously support Terrorism, I wonder how we are going to deal with that when the time comes...

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: We started!

    I heard about Syria getting a seat on the Security Council."Isn't that special!"No matter,the UN is as useless as tits on a boar anyhoo.Mr.Bush will deal with Syria when the time comes regardless of its seat on the Security Council and there isn't a damn thing any other nation or nations can do about it.The piss ants of the world are going to see what an irate America can do to its enemies and I pity the next dumbasses that attack us cuz we have shown much restraint thus far.

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    Re: We started!

    JohnQ! I sure do like you! heheh


    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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