Ah yes, it's friday and I have 1 hour of work left ;D !

Haven't had much time, but now that the weekends here, time to compile the kernel (for the first time ever!). Any advice (likes docs and such) would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I was wondering if anyone ever used the KDE Control Center to configure their kernel. There's a section there that let's you choose modules and such. I ended up taking out alot of the default (Mandrake 8.1) options. After doing this in root and running "make symlinks dep", rebooted and wow..booted up much faster.

Also, it seems that my kernel was not configured for a Pentium 4 (which is what I have). Don't really see any performance difference though :-/

But all that doesn't matter once I learn how to compile the kernel. Latest is 2.4.12, correct? hehe..wish me luck