Im using two debians i have 6 oses on my system so, anyhow my mouse isnt working in two distributions the issue is practically the same im unsure as what would cause them and i had them both before and what i did to fix it wont work this time so im stumped

PS/2 Mouse
Mother Board MSI Neo K8N NEo Platinum
First one Debian 64
using sarge with debian 64, X wont start just will not start, (EE)general pointer cannot be found. Anyhow i just installed it and this seems to be an issue. Ive tried different mice to no avail. When i run modprobe mousedev, or anything mouse related, gnome will start but no mouse movement, or the mouse is locked. I had this two times before and what i did to fix this was simply boot up a different kernel 2.6.10-9-amd64-generic and it worked, i had to wipe the hard drive, so i started over. Anticipating the issue i installed all the kernels available and none work. MY mouse is a cheap yahoo optical one from a local department store, it is running off an 6' belkin extender

Debian 32 Sid/Sarge
Problem started after i first installed gentoo, and i booted it, and it said devfs not compiled into kernel, anyhow after booting up gentoo for the first point, it boots fine no errors of no mouse, it comes up to gdm, mouse cursor is there, but wont move, again same mouse. To solve the problem before i just switched the x version to sarge, which i did and nothing im sick of using windows to graphically browse the web, i cant stand browsing forums with links2 so any help is appreciated, (there was no need to run modprobe because it saw the mouse just wont move)

thanks in advance