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Thread: New Windoze virus running amok, LOL

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    New Windoze virus running amok, LOL

    Windoze and Outlook are at it again.

    The Pentagone worm spread quickly on Tuesday, but slowed near the end of the day, as companies took measures to prevent infections.

    Antivirus experts expected infections of the Visual Basic Script program--also known as Goner and Gone--to surge again Wednesday when employees and home PC users open e-mail that may be infected, thus allowing the spread of the virus to continue.

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    Re: New Windoze virus running amok, LOL

    Windows security is a really is....I just can't believe that people and specifically businesses are still sticking by its side...why would you put yourself at risk on a constant basis like that and pay outrageously for it at the same time?!?!

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