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Thread: It's Christmas Eve!

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    It's Christmas Eve!

    So why are you reading this post? Is it:

    A. You are bored?

    B.Escaping the noise around the house?

    C.You are playing with your new puter you just unwrapped early?

    Or are there other reasons?

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    Re: It's Christmas Eve!

    I don't celebrate christmas :P

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    Re: It's Christmas Eve!

    I don't celebrate christmas :P
    SCROOGE!!!!!!!! Well,to be honest I am in the middle of a divorce so my xmas spirit isn't much this year.Oh well,just goes to show ya, no matter where you go, there you are.(been drinking)

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    Re: It's Christmas Eve!

    I respect people that celebrate christmas in it's true form, but I find that most people use it to feed their greed. I like buying people things and seeing their expressions, that's what my christmas is all about. I'm not so interested in getting things, because I question whether or not I really need them.

    < contradiction >

    On a funner note, I got TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1. and Unix Network Programming for christmas. Both books are written by W. Richard Stevens ( rip ), and from what I hear they are going to be quite the interesting read.

    < /contradiction >

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    Re: It's Christmas Eve!

    Keep me up to date on your read! My fiancees family got me a bread machine and the expansion pack to the Sims game that I dont even play, so in otherwords they got my fiancee a bread machine and a sims expansion pack. All I wanted was some books! :'(


    P.S. Anyways keep me up to date on the reading, both books I want especially the Unix Programming one!
    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: It's Christmas Eve!

    Well, its the day after christmas now... but i was on my computer during christmas, ripping all my new music cds and finishing my mandrake download 8)

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