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The Lord of The Rings was.....
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Thread: The Lord of The Rings was.....

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    The Lord of The Rings was.....

    friggin AWESOME! It was a great movie, the scenery they developed especially in the Lady of the Wood and Rivendale....wow. Now the characters they have chosen have been perfect for the part, the makeup on the orcs and such were friggin amazing. Although they left out a lot from the book I guess they had to because the movie was still 3 hours long. I give it 2 Thumbs and 2 Big Toes up, go and see it!

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    Re: The Lord of The Rings was.....

    Hmmm, you didn't like it did you? : :P

    Jim H

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    Re: The Lord of The Rings was.....


    And it was filmed in good ol' NZ

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    Re: The Lord of The Rings was.....

    I had very high expectations for this movie, and other then Gandalf being a clutz in the beginning, I had no complaints.

    Hurray for Legolas!

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    Re: The Lord of The Rings was.....

    Lord of the Rings - better than cheese!

    Unbelievable. Speechless. Anyone who says that was crap - i have a special place on my arse for you to kiss - perhaps the diameter of my rectum.


    What was wrong with it? Is it because it wasnt what you read in the book? I thought that too - but hey i didnt think all the way through - "Hey, he didnt do that in the book..." I would give it a 10/10

    Gandalf wasnt clumsy! He was in a teeny weeny Hobbit's home!

    I cant believe how graphic it was for a PG (ot PGR in NZ) - not recommended for under 8's - LMAO - i jumped in a few places haha... *sigh* i cant wait for next january Part 2 *droool*

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