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Thread: NSA Secure Linux

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    Re: NSA Secure Linux

    Have there been any reported holes in the NSA Linux development? Have they created an ultra-secure, ultra-stable OS? If so, Why wouldn't everyone want to use it?

    Any horror stories out there?
    I have not been following the NSA Linux progress, but I don't beliieve they consider NSA Linux to be ready for everyday use on productions systems yet. I think the only releases so far have been considered "preview" releases.

    Jim H

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    Re: NSA Secure Linux

    Might need it so you don't get busted for that underground edited ring that you are singlehandedly running off of your boxen

    Who told you?
    Ohno! Im doomed

    *runs and hides from the black suited men at the door*
    ;D ;D ;D

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